Why your patients need more than one pair of glasses

Why your patients need more than one pair of glasses

Your patients need to have more than one pair of glasses!⠀

Eyewear is an important part of the everyday day activities of all patients wether they need them for computer, sports, or everyday wear.⠀

So how can you encourage your patients to invest in multiple glasses? With enthusiasm & real talk!⠀

▫️Have fun in the optical, make it an experience & give real feedback. The patient should feel like they are hanging out with a friend.⠀

▫️Share about your eyewear and why you have multiple pairs of glasses. Sharing your experience builds a connection.⠀

▫️Talk about non-optical related topics you would be surprised at what you may learn about your patient. They bike for fun?! Great let’s get you into some cycling glasses!⠀

▫️Real talk... patients are not going to always get our optical lingo so we need to discuss their choices in real talk. I mean how many times do you hear patients refer to progressive lenses as Transitions?!?! Often enough!!⠀

These are just some helpful tips that I hope will help you increase your multiple eyewear orders.⠀

Share your tips below ⬇️⠀

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