When life gives you lemons.......

When life gives you lemons.......

So here we are the first blog post... let me start off by sharing that this is something I have been wanting to do and had been planning on for a couple of months. It feels so surreal to finally put this site up and see it live, you know when you keep thinking about doing something, and you are just so excited, you psych yourself out and then just do it? Well that is this moment for me.

When I made the decision to launch a site and a shop I kept thinking to myself "When is it a good time?" I chose this particular week because like many of you I planned on attending Vision Expo East, it would have been my first trip to New York, so combining that with attending VEE seemed to be the perfect fit.
With great excitement I anticipated sharing this site, along with some other goodies (goodies are still coming) and being able to of course share all of the excitement of my VEE adventures. Seeing my friends, all the fabulous eyewear collections, the sight seeing and I was beyond excited to attend the Optical Women's Association Champagne Breakfast! In the weeks before VEE things began to change in the world and then it happened VEE was canceled... I was so sad, not only had everything changed in regards to my plans but the world around me, as I knew it had also changed.

Now recent events have had a huge impact on all of us as people, on us mentally, emotionally the things we all had planned, and really on so much more. In the midst of everything happening my site took a back seat there were more important things to think about and to act on. Then last week it kind of hit me what about my blog? I have been planning this and I really wanted to launch it, I went back and forth on whether I wanted to continue the launch of my blog, the launch of my online shop... everything changed in just a matter of moments, a matter of a few days. But I have decided to launch the blog first because I have a lot to share with all of you, and as hectic and stressful as things are throwing myself into my passion project has really helped me, it is bringing me joy! The shop.... the shop is coming, and I am so excited to share my collection with all of you. 
If you made it this far into the post thank you! I cannot wait to continue sharing and connecting with all of you.
Jennifer I OPTICIANista_LA

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Congratulations!! This is great! I’ve never been a blog reader but I will read yours! Can’t wait for your online shop too!


Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments! Your support means so much


There is no better time to start than now. Congratulations on your first post!
I can’t wait to get one of those adorable shirts.

Sheena Taff

I am so proud of you!! Congrats hun. Can’t wait to read more blogs that you write! Also thank you for being a friend at these bad times.


Congrats on your blog launch! It’s always true that the best way to start is JUST START! After that you can refine, improve, perfect. Can’t wait to see the collection! Your taste is superb, so I know it will be awesome. Cheers, Expo Sister! 👯‍♀️


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