Tips To Make Sure Your Frame Inventory Is Always Up To Date

Making sure your optical inventory is fresh is an absolute must. You always want to make sure you have great styles that your clients will love.
I remember when I become the eyewear buyer at my office I decided immediately that I wanted each frame I picked to have meaning and thought, I wanted my clients to see all the care that I put into frame selections. So today I want to share with you my tips for curating and buying frames for your optical.
Be mindful of the season: With every season there comes new styles. Make sure you have frames that are true in real time to your season. For summer I always make sure that I am well stocked with all sunglasses styles, because this is the time when patients will become more aware of their sun needs. Fall I will look for popular colors to that are having a moment for that season.
Keep your clients likes in mind: We are shopping for our clients needs… be mindful of what styles and brands your patients are loving. Many times a client will fall in love with a style and want to keep adding something similar to their eyewear wardrobe.
Stay in touch with your reps: Your reps want yo help you, allow them to make suggestions no one knows your office and clients better than YOU, but the reps know their products well and can help you navigate through so many choices.
Keep a buying calendar: Set yourself a schedule to keep track of what you purchased, how much l, and when. This will allow you to keep focus of what is successful and what is just taking up inventory space.
Hope these tips help you along your inventory journey!

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