Tips for surviving the end of year rush

Tips for surviving the end of year rush


Are you ready for the end of year rush?


December is almost here and that means it’s crunch time... Your appointment slots are all booked and everyone wants to use their insurance. Here are my tips to help you have a productive and smooth end of year:


  • Your frame board should be filled a full board is an endless opportunity for second & third pair orders
  • Contact lens trials fully stocked
  • Your staff should be cross trained to ensure productivity... all hands on board!
  • Chat with your reps for help (reps are a great resource and a wealth of knowledge)
  • Book your optical appointments accordingly
  • Have a full stock of items you sell in your office (vitamins, lid spray, eye drops, warm compress)
  • Fully stocked with your lens clothes & lens cleaner
  • Have custom shopping bags? Order them now!!!
  • Double check your December calendar for any spots where you can fit it any additional exam appointments ( You don’t want to turn away a patient if you don’t have to)
  • Start finalizing your employee schedule for December so everyone knows what days and times they are expected to be at the office


... and while we are on the topic of a busy end of year December is a very busy time and it’s also important to remember that the labs are about to be overwhelmed with orders so make sure to give your patients a realistic time line of when to expect their glasses... my number one rule is to never overpromise because no one wants to underdeliver.


Lastly make sure you have enough staff to dispense because for all those orders you process you also have to dispense them and we all know that some adjustments require more time than others.


Hope this helps and I’m wishing you the most amazing end of year ever!!!

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