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Educating patients on quality and pricing

Like so many of you I talk to patients about the cost of their eyewear EVERYDAY whether we are talking insurance pricing or paying out of pocket.⠀

For some patients it’s easy they understand good quality frames & lenses can be higher in price.⠀
Others look at it as if they are being ripped off!⠀

I completely understand that GOOD eyewear can be an investment, but your eyesight is WORTH every penny!⠀

When you purchase quality eyewear you get:⠀

👓 Frames that will last⠀
👓 Lenses that will give you optimum viewing ⠀
👓 Coatings that won’t peel off⠀
👓 Proper PD & Seg measurements⠀
👓 Adjustments from an Optician that knows what they are doing⠀
👓 Styled by an expert who will ensure your frame is properly fitted based not just on face shape but also based on prescription.⠀

I could go on and on, but seriously as an office we will do so much for our patients and ensure that they are happy with their eyewear! ⠀

I believe in full transparency and am always upfront and brutally honest with patients about why good eyewear is worth investing in. I encourage all of you to do the same because your hard work and dedication to only provide the best is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! ⠀

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