My Covid Vaccine Experience

Why get the vaccine?

Easy...To me this is important.

I can still remember the first time I heard about Covid, I was getting ready for a trip in February 2020, and hearing a lot of mixed information about what was happening. Fast forward to March 2020 the office I work for went from being open, we left said "I'll see you Monday" next thing we know we are closed and not sure what is going to happen.

I remember the fear two months later when we received the okay to return to patient care and trying to navigate staff & patient safety... It was such a mix of emotions excited to get back to work, but also nervous...I mean there is no handbook for something like this and everyone was just trying to figure out how to stay safe.

I have to tell you that when I found out that I would be able to receive the vaccine I felt grateful, & hopeful that we can get to a better place. I think about how my colleagues and I are in contact with patients everyday, and no not everyone that comes to see us simply needs glasses, or an exam. Like many of you I work for an office that is very heavy on medical visits and we see patients with different health conditions so it is imperative that we stay healthy for them and for us.

Now here we are almost a year later and so much is still happening, so when the vaccine became available I knew that there was no question about whether I would be making the choice to get it. It was a simple choice YES! 

YES for the safety of the patients I am in contact with everyday

YES for the safety of others

YES for my health & my family's

YES because social responsibility is important to me

The experience itself was simple:

- I received the vaccine -hangout for 15 minutes after to make sure I had no adverse side effects -I have a sore arm...That's it!

I share this with you in hopes of giving you a peek into my WHY and hoping for a bright future ahead.

Thanks for allowing me to share






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