Make your Monday work for you!

Make your Monday work for you!

Let's talk about Monday... we know it is not everyone's favorite day of the week there is even a term coined Sunday's scaries for those of us that begin to freak out Sunday evening about the beginning of a new work week! (Guilty)
The way I look at Monday is that like so many of you I have to get up, and prepare to head back to the office for a new week of the unknown. I am going to assume you work in an Optometry office like myself or in an optical shop where we have a very busy Monday of playing catch up from the weekend and it can be super overwhelming to be bombarded with so much after a relaxing weekend. 
I want to share some tips with you that have helped me stay better equipped in to have a fun and productive Monday...

+Plan Plan Plan... I can not emphasize this enough whether you use a planner (hello I am obsessed and can't live without mine) or use your google calendar it is so important to plan your day. We have so much to do between processing orders, styling patients in optical, billing and all the other tasks, that your day should have some structure. Does your day need to be planned out to every minute (if you're me the answer is yes lol) not exactly, but you need to have a system set up for yourself to make your day a little more smooth and more manageable. Maybe for you this means setting aside 30 minutes where you just focus on processing orders, or you book all you optical patients as appointments so you know exactly what to expect for your day (I have previous blog post on booking your optical appts that you should read if you are not on a booking system yet!!) Planning is essential to a smooth day, but to also holding yourself accountable for all the tasks you need to complete. 

+Wear your most fabulous glasses... Seriously I can't tell you enough how wearing my eyewear makes me feel so happy especially because I still have to wear scrubs to work (Hello work outfits I miss you dearly and hope to wear you soon insert crying emoji) nothing wrong with scrubs I am just a girl who loves to get dressed and coordinate her attire to her eyewear! Picking out my glasses and feeling confident is absolutely the way I want to start out everyday, but Monday's especially because Monday is setting the tone for the rest of the week plus eyewear is fabulous and so are you... It is a match made in heaven! 

+Coffee a love story... If you watch my Instagram stories you know that Starbucks and I are in a very committed relationship! An iced coffee to start my morning just makes my day a little extra special there is something about that grande cup that makes my and your heart skip a beat and if that makes your Monday just a bit more glam go get that iced coffee!!! 

+Say NO... Yeah I say No to lots of things because guess what Monday's are a crazy busy day and sometimes there are certain tasks or requests that I can not do. The power of saying no is real and it is very satisfying to say when you simply know that you can't do something. This is also where my planner comes back into play because a structured day means that you can triage your tasks better and in return are better able complete or add tasks based on level of importance.
+A good playlist is always a good time... I must have music playing in the optical office it just adds to my day being better and who does't love to sing along?!
+Have a to-do list notepad... You may be asking why a to-do list note pad if you already have a planner???? Because they both serve two different planner helps me ensure a structure day, but during this day there are a ton of tasks that also pop up and for that I love keeping a note pad by my phone where I can jot tasks/notes down on the go and review them throughout the day (accountability is the name of the game) Then at the end of the day I can review and implement tasks in my planner that can be done the next day or are due on a future date. I can also make sure to focus on the tasks that need to be done immediately.

Hope these tips help and I would love to hear about how you stay motivated on this Monday! 


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