Mascara Must Haves

Mascara Must Haves

I love trying on different mascara’s not only because I love the look of beautifully coated lashes, but as someone who also has dry eye and is surrounded by patients who also have dry eye it’s important to me to find options that won’t make my already existing symptoms worst.

I talk to dry eye patients on a daily basis and one of the most popular questions I get asked is about make up, and it is usually about mascara. They want to know which is the best, what will give them that va va voom look! 

This is the reason why I love testing out new mascara, it has become a favorite past time to roam the beauty isles of stores and try what out there, my goal is to be able to offer patients real & honest thoughts about that they should try and what to stay the hell away from!!

Which is why I recently asked you in my Instagram stories to give me some of your favorite mascara recommendations so I put together a list of the most popular answers... 

  1. Dior show Iconic
  2. Gucci L'obscur
  3. Too Faced Better Than Sex
  4. Thrive
  5. Glossier
  6. Telescopic
  7. Eyes Are The Story
  8. Lily Lasher Triple X
  9. Bad Gal Lash
  10. Llia

So there you have it...I love that there is a range from drugstore to high end as options are what it is all about. Is your favorite mascara on the list? 

If your must have mascara isn’t on the list drop the name below I want to try it!!! 


I have also included the graphic below so that you can save it and have the list handy to try!  








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