Let’s talk tinted lenses!

Let’s talk tinted lenses!

Lens color plays not only an important, but fun role in the overall look of our eyewear.

Tinted lenses can help with:

  • Depth perception
  • Contrast
  • Sports activities
  • Glare reduction


So what color options are most popular?

  •  Purple/Blue- Helps reduce glare, great during foggy & snowy conditions. 
  •  Green- Good for general purpose & great for all outdoor activities.
  •  Brown/Amber- Can help with depth perception & contrast
  •  Yellow- Can help filter out blue light
  •  Grey- True color perception, over best protection, & great for overall daily use.
  •  Red/Pink- Helps with contrast & depth perception. Great for cyclists 🚴


When taking to patients about tinted lenses it’s always important to discuss what specific activities they engage in, in order to provide the right color options.

Questions to ask:

  • How will you be wearing your eyewear?
  • What look would you like to achieve?
  • Will you use them for multiple sports?
  • Is the tint for fashion, function or both?
  • Are you light sensitive?

Tinted lens options are also a great way to introduce patients to the option of having multiple pairs of glasses. I mean we all know so many patients that always wear the same glasses, but they want to have options they just don’t know where to start... Well talking tinted lenses is a great way to get them excited.

Show off the color options you have and even better wear your own tinted lenses at the office , it’s a great way to not only show off your stye but it’s an easy way to open the conversation about tinted lenses.


Now go forth and style patients in the most fabulous tinted lenses!

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