Home sweet... Work?

Home sweet... Work?

I never thought there would be a day when I would work from home, I think it crossed my mind every now and then thinking how cool would it be to wake up, be on my own schedule, work while in my pj’s, hanging out with my dog all day (which is honestly the best thing ever) but I really never thought I would see the day.

Now here I am working from home, I do go to the office on occasion, but more on that later. It has definitely been an experience especially given the circumstances that have lead us to being in this place to begin with, there is this mixture of being in the comfort of my own home, but there is also a pandemic going on that causes us to feel stressed and/or anxious amongst so many other feelings... so many confusing feelings.

  So what does my day currently look like? Let me give you a tour….

I usually start my day by watching the first 15 minutes of the news, I like to stay informed but I also don’t want to put myself in a stressed headspace so I definitely make it a rule to keep it at a minimum.

 I take my pup for a walk, which can I just tell you I appreciate it now more than ever. After the walk I will get ready, I find continuing my routine of applying my makeup, picking out an outfit it & preparing my iced coffee now that I am my own personal barista helps me feel good… its comforting.


I will start my office day with administrative duties, aside from being the lead optician I am also the office manager so I have many responsibilities, and those responsibilities lead to different tasks. The start of my day always begins with patient calls, answering emails, and patient text messages. Patients have questions, many questions actually. Real talk…I did not really know what this new normal would look like I mean nobody knew right? Everything happened so quickly and this required lots of on the spot thinking. I knew patients would have questions and answers would be needed and to be very honest the first week well it was stressful. The amount of calls, texts, emails… patients looking for immediate answers some very kind, very patient & some well they were not. I would be lying to you if I said that it was easy because truth is it wasn’t. I had to remind myself that I am human, I am one person, I am doing my best and while I am trying to help everyone, and answer every question in a timely manner, I need to make sure I do not overwhelm myself either. I say all this to share that I spend a lot of my time talking to patients and making sure that they are up to date on anything and everything I can.

  What about the office? What does my day look like when I am there?

 Well orders still need to be processed, checked in, mailed out, patients need emergency eyewear repairs, administrative duties still need to be done and certain tasks pertain to psychically being in the office. It is also nice because I get to still have a piece of my usual routine in place, there is a sense of normalcy even if it is for just a couple of hours… I am thankful, I am grateful.

 What about when I am off the clock?

 When my day ends I get some me time, watch a movie usually a classic film or TV show, lately I’ve been trying to do some organizing, of course connecting with all of you on Instagram, and I am also doing at home workouts I am currently loving Obe Fitness (Peter’s classes are a gift and he is the fitness instructor I’ve been searching for my entire life)

 While this is a glimpse of what my day to day is looking like at the moment, this is just that because things change everyday, and who knows what my week may look like next. I am simply grateful that I am still able to continue doing what I love at any capacity. Like many of you I am looking forward to getting back to the office, styling patients, and getting back to whatever our new normal will look like, and I can’t wait! In the meantime remember to continue staying home and practicing social distancing. 

 So tell me what does your day look like?

 Talk to you soon!

Jennifer I OPTICIANista_LA

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I love the sneak peek into your day to day in this new climate… It helps my day to day feel more normal!

Sheena Taff

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