Before entering the optical industry I spent 10 years working in retail & a good chunk of that was spent working in luxury retail and let me tell you that is a whole different industry on it's own with so many expectations especially when it comes to customer service. 

In my experience I found that providing an elevated experience sometimes means going back to the basics, what do I mean by that? I mean the simple things that clients or in this case patients really appreciate. I am going to share with you my G.U.E.S.T METHOD this is a method I learned many years ago and is a method that I not only still use till this day, but also implement in my one on one training sessions... So let's get started and let me tell you about the G.U.E.S.T METHOD!




GREET THE PATIENT: I know your thinking to yourself... Yeah I greet every patient that comes in. The issue isn't are you greeting them, but how do you greet them? You get one opportunity to make a first impression so how you introduce yourself is very important. If you do not already have a greeting that you use to introduce yourself I highly encourage you to do so. Make sure the greeting is effortless and let's the patient know exactly who YOU are and WHAT it is that you do.


UNDERSTAND THE PATIENTS NEEDS: What is it that your patient needs? Sure we know they NEED glasses, but what do they need their glasses to be in order for them to really be invested in their order? As the Eyewear Stylist we are the experts and it is really up to us to dig deep and learn about the patient on a personal level so that we can understand their needs and make the right recommendations. Tip come up with 5 questions that you should ask every patient to allow you the opportunity to get to know them better which in return means that you will be able to provide them an elevated experience. 


EXCITEMENT: When you work in the Optical you need to be ALL IN! It's all about the excitement and enthusiasm because patients really look to you to be their be all and know all. This is especially true for that patient that has no interest in wearing glasses and just absolutely hates the idea of them. Now I am not saying that every patient is now magically going to want glasses because we are happy and excited, but patients do feed off of our energy. Show them excitement and enthusiasm and their perspective in the optical will match yours!


SUGGEST: You want those second, third, fourth sales?! It's all about suggestion look most patients do not come into the optical assuming they need to buy two or three glasses... most of them are shocked they need to buy ONE!!! When I worked in retail not every client that came in knew that they needed a belt or necklace with their new dress, but I made the suggestion based on my knowledge and understanding of my client and it really made a difference. So I encourage you if you are not already making the suggestion of new sunglasses, or that second backup pair to do so starting today!!


THANK YOUR PATIENTS: Yes a simple THANK YOU... told you this is all about the basics! The last thing I always do before a patient leaves their optical appointment with me is Thank them, along with providing them my business card and letting them know the best way to contact me. Just like you get one chance to make a good first impression, you also get one chance at the end to make a fabulous lasting impression so make it a good one! 



I hope these classic tips help make an impact in the way you approach your patients during their optical visits. Remember sometimes it is all about going back to the basics for a huge impact.   



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